The Brand New Women In Fitness Collective

 Learn How My Clients Earn $10k, $20k Even $50k Each Month

A no fluff, affordable & trusted resource to help you build the fitness business of your dreams whether it be face to face or online.

I would like to invite you to participate in something very special... I'd like to fast track YOUR fitness business success and show YOU how you too can WORK LESS, while you make more MONEY, have more FUN, and create more personal FREEDOM than ever before in your life.

Announcing my new membership for women in the fitness industry.  Personal trainers, subcontractors, outdoor group fitness and studio owners who want to surround themselves with other like-minded ladies.

It is a supportive alliance where I’ll be sharing the ideas, tips and strategies that have contributed to my success both offline and my online business. You'll be exploring success stories, learning techniques and implementing strategies that will allow YOU to create a fitness business and life you love.

Most importantly, this is an opportunity for you to part of an amazing group that can take you both personally and financially to the next level. I will be your success mentor and teach you the tips, tools, strategies and secrets I continue to use to create phenomenal success.

This is your chance to learn exactly how to take your fitness business to the next level AND implement proven practical strategies to create MORE than before. Every month for as long as you're a member you will be connecting with me.


Through my lifetime I've been a gym instructor, personal trainer, gym manager, outdoor group fitness owner, studio owner, teacher and now a mentor to women in fitness.

Coaching has been my most rewarding position. Helping women who were working in jobs they hate to creating a profitable business they love. Helping women who were not paying themselves to making more money than they dreamed. Helping women who were struggling with juggling families and business to creating more freedom. Helping women who were stuck with self doubt and fear to living a life with no limits.

Its a wonderful life

Now...I want to help you!

Do you have a dream of building yoru business. I know what it's like. I also know how terrifying all the details can be, let along stepping out of my comfort zone, beyond all the negative voices in my head and my own sefl doubt. 

I want to help you create the BEST fitness business you could ever create. A place where you are serving others and feel GREAT about what you are doing every single day. 

During 2015 I helped personal trainers all over the world create hugely successful businesses and now I want to help you and the best thing it is affordable to ANYONE!

Here's how the Women in Fitness Collective Works....

  • Once a month, you'll have access to a Masterclass (with special guest experts) facilitated by me personally and create amazing breakthroughs,  ALL workshops are recorded so you won't miss a thing no matter how busy your schedule is.

  • Access to my business basics vault to ensure you have the foundations of your fitness business rock solid.

  • Check in to my meditation room to increase your abundance, creativity, focus clarity, happiness, decrease stress and remove limiting beliefs. 

  • Unlimited access to a library of worksheets, checklist, videos, tutorials with new content added monthly!

  • Insight into what's working now, get an over the shoulders look at what other successful fitness businesses are doing right now and how you can model their success.

  • And yes, we will be incorporating my success mindset techniques through out the entire program. To create massive success you MUST combine mindset with the practical - I'm going to share everything I know. 

To give you an idea of the depth and level of the Women In Fitness Membership, here are some of the topics we cover:

  • How to ensure you have a consistent flow of money and leads coming into your business.
  • How to make more money in your fitness business 
  • The secret into turning a lead into a paying client easily
  • How to build a profitable online lifestyle business
  • Setting up your first information product that you can sell again and again
  • Creating consistent steady multiple streams of income
  • Attract all the clients you need using easy and fun online and offline marketing strategies
  • Power of strategic alliances, joint ventures and other profitable collaborative ideas
  • Tips to greatly Increase your productivity 
  • Email marketing secrets
  • Creating effective websites that make you money
  • How to build an authentic fitness business online that provides you with reoccuring income. 
  • Designing and perfecting your marketing funnel so leads are generated in your sleep.
  • How to write better Facebook ads that convert.

In a nutshell I will show you how to grow your fitness business, save money, eliminate stress and achive more freedom through simple proven strategies and systems. 

If you are sick of the confusion as to what works and searching for answers as to what action you need to take then this is perfect for you. 

You will get the best advice that's been tried and tested, hype and fluff free. I am all about building an authentic business that is sustainable long term for women in fitness. 


  • Masterclass with me and special guest experts
  • Access to my business vault
  • Access to the Private WOMEN IN FITNESS MEMBERSHIP

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'When we first started with Kellie we were doing about 20 sessions, now our business brings in over $50 000 per month, we have trainers doing the sessions. Now we have the freedom to do the things we love whilst building a profitable business and spend time with the family travelling'. EPT, Tasmania

If any personal trainers are sitting on the fence I want to encourage you to jump that fence ASAP and start today! We talk about wanting to succeed and Kellie has shown us the way to make that happen. The first month we launched her strategies into our centre in just 3 weeks we has signed up 26 new members. All in such a short time. Big Thank you to Kellie!' Enliven Fitness, Sydney